Rabbit and guinea pig holiday boarding

Terms & Conditions

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A £10 deposit per hutch/cage will be required to secure your booking.  This is non-refundable if your booking is cancelled less than 4 weeks before your pet is due to stay.

The balance will be due in full when you drop off your pet(s).


All pets are checked upon arrival for signs of illness, injury, parasites or pregnancy. We reserve the right to refuse to board pets which we believe are not in good health or are showing signs of pregnancy.

Animals on veterinary medication or who have existing medical conditions are not a problem, however we need clear instructions on how and when to administer medication. We will care and nurse them to the best of our ability but to do so this needs to be discussed prior to booking.

Should your pet show signs of illness during their stay with us we will, where possible, contact you or your emergency contact immediately to discuss the situation. If your pet requires veterinary attention, a fee for my time and travel during the vet visit, as well as your vet fees will be due when you collect your pet. 

Small animals can sometimes pass away suddenly, so in the unlikely event your pet passes away during their stay, we will contact you or your emergency contact immediately and do our utmost to follow your wishes.

We accept no liability for illness, injury or even death. All pets are left entirely at their owner’s risk.

Vaccinations (rabbits only)

Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) are very unpleasant diseases. It is vital that rabbits are vaccinated at least two weeks prior to their stay with us.  The Myxomatosis and VHD inoculations cannot be given at the same time and must be 2 weeks apart.  Please bear this in mind when booking in your rabbit.

Rabbits must have their Myxomatosis and VHD certificates on arrival before they will be accepted.

Abandoned Pets

If your pet is not collected within 7 days of the agreed date and we are unable to contact you via the information you have given us, we will seek to have your pet re-homed.